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Poway Girls Softball League Website

2016 PGSL All Star Teams

Congratulations to the 2016 PGSL All Star Players.

14U Gold - Coach Doug Vick

Name Rec. Season Coach
Riley B. Coach Jared
Elena B. Coach Jared
Corissa B. Coach Eric
Izzy C. Coach Jared
Virginia C. Coach Jared
Amaya D. Coach Eric
Cassandra H. Coach Eric
Kylie K. Coach Jared
Sophia K. Coach Eric
Kaitlyn P. Coach Eric
Leah S. Coach Jared
Delaney W. Coach Jared


14U Silver - Coach Dave Marcue

Name Rec. Season Coach
Katie A. Coach Jared
Gabriella C. Coach Eric
Ashley D. Coach Jared
Kayla E. Coach Jared
Hannah E. Coach Eric
Emily F. Coach Jared
Holli J. Coach Eric
Kirstin K. Coach Eric
Eryn K. High School
Morgan M. Coach Eric
Natalie T. Coach Eric


12U Gold - Coach Mindy Gousha

Name Rec. Season Coach
Patricia B. Coach Neil
Isabella B. Coach Mike
Hannah F. Coach Mike
Keely G. Coach Mindy
Ansley K. Coach Neil
Amber K. Coach Mike
Sidney L. Coach Mindy
Ryen S. Coach Mindy
Casey S. Coach Mike
Jordyn T. Coach Mindy
Kendall W. Coach Neil
Ayden Z. Coach Mindy


10U Gold - Coach Jared Barger

Name Rec. Season Coach
Reagan B. Coach Dave
Zoe C. Coach Mark K.
Miah G. Coach Chad
Emmy K. Coach Mark K.
Madelyn M. Coach Dave
Jenna N. Coach Mark K.
Ryleigh R. Coach Matt
Kaitlin S. Coach Mark C.
Audrey W. Coach Mark K.
Reese W. Coach Matt
Kora W. Coach Chad
Autumn Z. Coach Dave


10U Silver - Coach Mark Catton

Name Rec. Season Coach
Alicia A. Coach Ken
Katelyn B. Coach Ken
Reese C. Coach Mark C.
Danica D. Coach Mark C.
Emma E. Coach Mark C.
Sophia G. Coach Mark C.
Paige K. Coach Mark C.
Lilliana L. Coach Chad
Kayla M. Coach Chad
Alyssa T. Coach Mark K.
Giana T. Coach Chad
Josie W. Coach Matt


10U Bronze - Coach Ken Rose

Name Rec. Season Coach
Paige A. Coach Dave
Sofia C. Coach Chad
Katie E. Coach Mark K.
Alyssa J. Coach Chad
Mackenzie L. Coach Dave
Leila L. Coach Dave
Natalie M. Coach Chad
Skylyn M. Coach Ken
Alison N. Coach Matt
Allison R. Coach Matt
Evan R. Coach Ken


8U Gold - Coach Sonny McGowan

Name Rec. Season Coach
Sophia B. Coach Ken
Isabella F. Coach Jeremy
Karissa K. Coach Todd
Madison L. Coach Andrea
Mya M. Coach Ken
Alyssa M. Coach Todd
Corinne M. Coach Ken
Emily N. Coach Todd
Lauren P. Coach Andrea
Ryan P. Coach Matt
Payton R. Coach Jonathan
Madison Y. Coach Todd


8U Silver - Coach Rich Sotelo

Name Rec. Season Coach
Elodie F. Coach Andrea
Hailey H. Coach Rich
Avery H. Coach Jonathan
Lauren J. Coach Todd
Allison J. Coach Todd
Taylor L. Coach Clayt
Allison M. Coach Rich
Cali M. Coach Rich
Addison Q. Coach Rich
Ashleigh R. Coach Clayt
Sophie S. Coach Rich
Natalie V. Coach Jeremy


Food & Fun as in Fundraisers

#FuturePadres Sweepstakes

  • Players and families are encouraged to post photos of youth softball participants in action to their personal social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) using the hashtag #FuturePadres
  • A winner will be selected monthly from March - June, 2016
  • Each winner will receive the following:
    • Tickets to attend a 2016 Padres game with his/her teammates and coaches
    • Pre-game batting practice viewing experience
    • Pre-game picture with teammates in the Padres dugout

At PGSL we offer a supportive, inspiring environment where the emphasis is on ensuring the girls enjoy their experience no matter their softball experience level.   Girls new to softball are provided extensive instruction and skill development.   Those girls more serious about softball are provided the opportunity to discover their full potential through competitive programs that PGSL offers.

Every activity in the league is focused on:

  • building self-confidence
  • promoting good sportsmanship
  • delivering positive reinforcement
  • developing fundamental skills
  • gaining results from hard work
  • fostering a love of the sport
  • providing opportunities to excel
  • most importantly, having fun

12U & 14U girls ignoring the cold and warming up for the 2016 season

The 51st Annual Poway Days Parade

Poway girls and coaches enjoy the day participating in the 51st Annual Poway Days Parade held on Saturday, September 12th.

Poway All Stars had a great season!

North Shore Champions 8U Silver
North Shore Finalist 8U Silver
North Shore Champions 12U Silver
North Shore Finalist 14U
Scripps Ranch Finalist 12U Bronze
Carlsbad Champions 14U Silver
Carlsbad Finalist 8U Silver
Coronado Champions 8U Silver
Poway Summer Heat Champions 8U Silver
Poway Summer Heat Finalist 8U Silver

Poway Girls Softball League (PGSL) is a non-profit organization operated completely by volunteers and is registered with the Amateur Softball Association (ASA), the preeminent softball organization in America, as a Class "B" league in District 31 of Southern California Region 14.   PGSL was founded in 1967 to provide an opportunity for girls ages 5 through 18 to play fastpitch softball in Poway, California (located in northeastern San Diego County).  PGSL funds itself entirely from registration fees (among the lowest in San Diego County), community sponsorships, and snack shack sales.   PGSL supplies girls everything they need to play softball except shoes and a glove.   We waive fees for those girls needing financial assistance(application required) - no girl is ever excluded due to financial concerns.

2015 PGSL Event Calender

  • Jun
  • 7
PGSL Board Meeting
  • 7:00pm-9:00pm PDT Ical_event_icon
  • Aubrey Snack Shack
  • Tag(s): Home  Calendar 
  • Jul
  • 5
PGSL Board Meeting
  • 7:00pm-9:00pm PDT Ical_event_icon
  • Aubrey Snack Shack
  • Tag(s): Home  Calendar 
  • Aug
  • 2
PGSL Board Meeting
  • 7:00pm-9:00pm PDT Ical_event_icon
  • Aubrey Snack Shack
  • Tag(s): Home  Calendar 
  • Sep
  • 6
PGSL Board Meeting
  • 7:00pm-9:00pm PDT Ical_event_icon
  • Aubrey Snack Shack
  • Tag(s): Home  Calendar 
  • Oct
  • 4
PGSL Board Meeting
  • 7:00pm-9:00pm PDT Ical_event_icon
  • Aubrey Snack Shack
  • Tag(s): Home  Calendar 

Each year PGSL organizes and offers these programs for the community:

2016 Opening Day With the San Diego Padres

Spring Recreational Season-RecBall  (February through May) - An intramural league program that provides a recreational and instructional environment for girls ages 5 and older.

Summer All-Star Season (May through July) - A competitive environment for our more adept and dedicated players, ages 7 & older. The program provides our girls the opportunity to compete against the other local, state and national All-Star teams.

Fall Winterball Season - WinterBall (August through November) -  A semi-competitive, skill-building environment for any player age 8 and older desiring more instruction and opportunity to play.   Games are played against other leagues in northern San Diego County.

Fall Winterball Season - Phantoms (August through February) -  The Phantoms teams are comprised of PGSL girls who want to advance their softball skills in a competitive environment.  Team try outs occur every year at the beginning of Winter Ball season and selected players must have the desire to commit themselves to the team. The girls will practice weekly and play in tournaments as directed by the coaching staff.  The Phantom season ranges from the middle of August through the start of the recreational season.  At this time, the Phantoms girls will be drafted onto recreational teams and play out the rec season.  The PGSL Board would like to comprise the Phantom teams by the player’s birth year, starting each summer with league age 9 girls (2006 for the 2016 rec season) through league age 14 girls.  The Phantom teams enable the girls to remain highly focused and competitive throughout the winter season.  If your daughter has the desire then she should come out and be part of the journey!

Coaches Training- In preparation for RecBall, PGSL provides and requires regular classroom and hands-on instruction for all of our head coaches.

Skills Clinics- PGSL offers our players clinics covering basic and advanced skills development that is conducted by local professionals and high school/college level athletes.

Youth Umpire Program- We provide an opportunity for older girls to learn to umpire through official training.   In addition, they can earn money working as umpires at many of our league games.

Savings Bond Recognition- At the end of our recreational season we award $50 savings bonds to all 6th - 8th grade girls who turn in Spring report cards with all A's as a way of encouraging the girls to be good students as well as athletes.

Summer All-Star Tournament- Each year, PGSL hosts the Poway Summer Heat Classic Tournament. It's a fun and exciting way to spend a weekend watching top quality youth softball teams from all over Southern California compete.