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Volunteer Positions

Working as a volunteer can be both personally and professionally rewarding. By becoming a volunteer, you can:

  • Help others and give back to your community
  • Make new friends and network with people
  • Share your talents
  • Ensure PGSL continues

There are many opportunities during the season for you to volunteer and help PGSL remain one of the best leagues with some of the best fields in San Diego. Below are the primary volunteer positions we look to fill each season.

Head Coach

Our head coaches have an energetic attitude, love of kids and the ability to wield positive reinforcement.  PGSL will have multiple coaches clinics to coach you on how to coach the basic skills of throwing, fielding and batting.  We will also show you how to run an effective practice to maximize your time with your players and most importantly, make it fun for your team.  Our philosophy is around not only advancing the girls' skills in the game; but, instilling an appreciation of the game, sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for themselves as well as others.  Previous coaching experience is a plus, but it is not necessary.  

Assistant Coach

A critical aspect of any team is the support system in place. The assistant coaches are a critical component to this system. The assistant coach(es) will help the head coach with any tasks that need to be completed during practice and the games. This includes running drills, providing instruction to the girls, providing encouragement and support to the team. Anyone wishing to be an assistant coach is welcome to join the coaching clinics to learn the basics of teaching softball skills. The more assistant coaches a team has, the more coaching the girls are able to receive. It has been our experience that the more involved the parents are on the field helping out the more fun it is for the players.

Score Keeper

The score keeper will work with the umpires and keep the balls, strikes and score for the games.  PGSL will have a minimum of two (2) score keeping clinics to help you learn how to keep score.  If you are at all of the games and want to be a little more involved, score keeping might be the role for you.

Team Parent

Often referred to as the team manager, the team parent works closely with the coach and the other parents to keep things running smoothly.  The team parent will typically take care of the uniform information, parent correspondence, snack shack schedule, team party, etc.  If you want to be involved and have good organizational skills but don't think that coaching is for you,  then perhaps team parent is the role for you.

Field Parent

The field parent will work with the League Field Director and will be trained to help the coaching staff by taking care of the fields after practice and before and after games.  The volunteers of PGSL do all of the field maintenance ourselves. Field parents play a crucial role in keeping the Aubrey Park fields some of the best in San Diego. The field parent will also work with the field parent from the opposing team during league play to set up and break down the fields as necessary.

The field parent will also be on the contact list of the League Field Director to help maintain the fields and get them ready if we get a lot of rain or other force majure occurrence so that we can, as a community and league, continue to play.

If you plan on picking up your daughter from practice (or stay to help) and are available for the majority of the games and are physically able to pick up a rake and some bases, this is an important role that you could fill for both your daughter's team and the league as a whole.

Grounds Crew Committee

Unlike the field parent, this position puts you in a unique position to help us maintain these beautiful fields.  You will be part of a team of volunteers that work with our Field Director to ensure that the required field maintenance is attended to in a timely manner.  This includes sprinkler repair, mowing the outfield grass, dragging the fields, and performing other minor repairs when needed.  We are looking to build a team of 3-4 individuals who can share responsibility to ensure that the fields get the TLC they deserve.