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Coaching Corner

Fielding / Defense


Middle Infield Play
University of Arizona Head Softball Coach Mike Candrea discusses a technique to help your player learn the mechanics and positions while receiving the throw for infield plays.

Infield Ground Ball Work
Coach Mike Candrea demonstrates an infield drill set that emphisizes Glove Work, Proper Foot Work, and Acurate and Quick Throws. These drills keep the girls moving and cover a number of different skills. You may need 3 coaches, 3 buckets and a number of softballs.

Base Running

Timing Your Lead
This video talks about various softball practice drills you can run in order to work on timing the lead for your base runners. There are two different timings for the lead discussed: Straight Steal and Bunt Lead.


Proper Grip, Stance and Swing
This video shows the key points of the grip and stance for proper hitting mechanics. The swing is addressed in more detail in other videos.

Bottom Hand Drill
In this video Coach Mike Candrea shows a technique he developed to teach the player to keep their bottom hand inside the oncoming ball during the swing.

Coaching, Parenting

Lets Talk Youth Sports
In this video, Coach Mike Candrea speaks to coaches and parents on youth sports. This is a series of 13 very short videos covering topics like the team, attitude, development, and being a consistent leader and positive roll model. Some excellent and level headed talk for adults that are definitely worth the time to 

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