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Poway Girls Softball League FAQ

Poway Girls Softball League FAQ


  1. What does my player need to get started?

Players need a glove and cleats (not metal).

  1. What size glove do you recommend?

Be sure to be shopping in the softball section vs. baseball.

Players come in all shapes and sizes, below are some general guidelines

6U/tball - Focus a glove that fits and stays on their hand.

8U/Rookies - at least a 11ich

10U/Div 1 - at least a 12 inch

12U and above - recommend a 12.5 - depends on position and skill level of player.

  1. What about the uniform?

The league provides shirts and socks.  Players provide black pants.

  1. What other equipment do you recommend?

*When looking for gear - be sure to be in the softball section (not baseball)

  • Gear bag, doesn’t have to be fancy (a simple bag) but something to keep all their softball gear together

  • Helmet, the league has helmets but most players opt to have their own (nobody likes lice). Helmets are required to have a face mask.

  • Fielders face mask - this highly recommended for beginning players but also skilled players (especially pitchers).

  • Bat - this would be the last purchase to make for your player, if new, have them come to a few practices and try out bat sizes/weights before making a purchase.

  • Softball sliding knee pad and/or sliding shorts - totally optional and player preference.  Not needed for 6U/T-ball.

  1. Where are games and practices?

Games are played at our home field- Aubrey Park.  Practices use Aubrey, Silverset, Valle Verde and Starridge Parks.