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2023 All Stars

2023 Summer All Stars Summer

Congratulations 2023 PGSL All-Stars

List of 2023 All-Star Tournaments

2023 All-Stars Information

All-Star FAQs

Will there be an informational parent meeting?

Due to rule changes via USA Softball, there will NOT be an all-star informational parent meeting this year. It is important that you carefully read through all All-Star FAQs, review the all-star letter and the list of tournaments prior to completing an all-star application for your player.

How to apply for All-Stars?

By completing an All-Star Application. Click on link apply---> CLOSED!

All application forms were due by Friday, April 28th. Any player registered in our spring recreational season can apply, as long as they played in 75% of their team's games and did not participate in another non-USA team or travel-style team after March 31, 2023. Submitting the application form means your daughter will be considered, but not all players will be placed on a team.

What are the qualities of a Poway All-Star?

A Poway All-Star is a player who exhibits exemplary qualities throughout the recreational softball season. She has a high skill level, outstanding ability and knows the game of softball for her age group. A Poway All-Star is respectful of her coaches and teammates, sets the standard for good sportsmanship and leads by example. She understands the importance of accepting the role that the coach gives her while maintaining a positive attitude. Poway All-Stars represent our league with pride and dignity.

Can any player become an All-Star?

Any player meeting eligibility requirements may apply to become an All-Star.  USA softball holds strict eligibility requirements including, but not limited to the following (excerpts from 2023 USA Softball Yellow Book):

2.3.1 A player must play a minimum 75 percent of the current season’s league games. NOTE: A player may appeal the 75 percent minimum rule to their respective District Commissioner in cases of documented injury.
2.3.2 A player who played in a higher Age Classification during the current season is eligible to play in their proper Age Classification in Championship Play.
2.3.3 A player who played on a High School team or other recreation league team after March 31 of the current season is eligible to play if all other eligibility rules are met.
2.3.4 A player playing in more than one USA Softball recreation league must declare in writing by 31 March to both the League Player Agent and the All-Star Administrator in which league they wish to be eligible for All-Star selection. The league is required to provide a copy of the player’s declaration to their respective District Commissioner.
2.3.5 A player who participated on a team other than a team in their recreation league after March 31st of the current season is NOT eligible. For example, a player shall not participate on any non-USA Softball team, All-Star Team, or travel type team after March 31st.

What kind of time commitment is involved?

Teams practice significantly more than regular season teams. Expect daily practices in the weeks leading up to the first tournament and then 3 or more practices per week. Once tournaments start, games could begin as early as Thursday evenings and extend to Sunday, depending on whether the team advances to semifinals and finals. Often you won't know the schedule for each day very far in advance, and occasionally, a game may conflict with school. Tournaments could be anywhere in San Diego County, and 1-2 travel tournaments are possible. If you are on a team who advances to the state championships, plan to attend and travel to Lancaster in early July.  For the full list of tournaments, see the calendar below the FAQs.

What are tournaments like?

All of our All-Star games take place within tournaments, either hosted by other local USA Softball leagues or (for district and state competitions) by USA Softball itself.  We will host our Poway Summer Heat Classic tournament in June.  Most tournaments have either a three-game or four-game guarantee, meaning your team will play at least that number of games over the weekend, but possibly more. In a typical tournament with a three-game guarantee, your team will get the schedule a few days prior for two "pool" games on Saturday. Your team's record in these games will determine the seeding and schedule for bracket play on Sunday. If your team loses its first bracket game, it would be eliminated. But if your team keeps winning on Sunday, you could keep playing all day. 

Poway All-Star Letter

Please take the time to read the Poway All-Star letter below. There are many details about all stars, as well as expectations for players and families.